Seeskulpie Educational Development Centre offers a separate group for every age where the children develop and learn at their own pace and potential. A Totality approach is followed with specific reference to: Mental norms and values, social skills, emotional, physical, cognitive and language development. Seeskulpie use various instructional strategies to meet the children's needs. The children are introduced to the world of games and challenges, while their value system is expanded. At the same time the child is prepared for formal school.

Seeskulpie Hours

Half day 08:00 to 12:00
(Grade R until 12:45)

Extended half day 8:00 to 13:30

Aftercare until 17:00

Bus Service

We have a bus service from:
Langebaan (Service discontinued)

Velddrif (R1 700 per month)

Vredenburg (R1 600 per month)

Saldanha (R1 500 per month)

School Fees

Contact the school for full details on our entry fee and monthly fees.

Our outdoor activities are included in our fees.

Important Dates

Term 1
20 Jan – 26 March

Term 2
12 April – 25 June

Term 3
19 July – 23 September

Term 4
11 October – 8 December

What makes us different

Seeskulpie Educational Development Centre is one of the best bilingual private schools in Langebaan with Christian values and excellent standards. "Give Growth Persisto" this is the motto of Longacres Private School, an affiliation of Seeskulpie Educational Development Centre.

Seeskulpie boasts a safe and stimulating environment in which your child can learn and develop.

Our classrooms are spacious and offer excellent opportunities for creative learning experiences.

We accommodate babies from 3 months and toddlers up to 6 years (Grade R). We have English and Afrikaans classes, except the baby class which is bilingual.

seeskulpie private school langebaan playground

seeskulpie private school outdoor activities for preschoolers in langebaan

Seeskulpie's outdoor activities

Seeskulpie's outdoor activities integrates with our early childhood lesson plans to encourage the gross motor and observation skills of young children.

Whether your preschooler loves to play games like kickball or prefers nature activities like planting vegetables, we have plenty of fun outdoor activities to get your child out of the classroom.

All our outdoor activities are included in the school fees and include the following: sport development, music development, art, Audiblox, iPad exposure and organic gardening.

To see a breakdown of activities according to age group click here.

Development programme

Teaching resources for preschoolers don't come better, our Development Programme is aimed at Children in the Early Years Foundation Stage.

When we speak of learner experience at Seeskulpie Preparatory School, we refer to any interaction, or other experience in which learning takes place, whether it occurs in traditional academic settings in our classrooms or nontraditional outdoor environments, of which one example would be our organic garden.

The Learner Experience at Seeskulpie includes: creativity, socialization, literacy, numeracy, life skills, environment, motion and music development.

early childhood development at seeskulpie private school langebaan

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Contact Us

Seeskulpie Educational Development Centre is one of the best bilingual private schools in Langebaan on the West Coast, with Christian values and excellent standards. Contact or visit us at:

47 Loop Street, Longacres
Box 306, Langebaan, 7357

Office: 022 772 0302

Head Petrie Oettle - 082 772 2405

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