At Seeskulpie Educational Development Centre children play and learn in an environmental friendly atmosphere. It's almost like going to school on a farm. Ducks and chickens run free on the playground and give the children the opportunity to take care of them and experience them firsthand.

This is a perfect time to learn how to act in close proximity to animals. Each class takes a turn to feed and care for the animals, which include rabbits and goats. Other activities at an additional fee are also offered at Seeskulpie.

These include:

  • Beaux Art
  • Gymnastics
  • Ruggaroots
  • Stage Art
  • Kumon Math and English

The arts and culture night is a highlight after the Grade R's Eisteddfod participation. The other classes and their parents are invited to see how Grade R learners make the most of their talents with recitation, singing and percussion.

Our 5 year class entertains with merry dance items. The picnic on the grass contributed so the parents can experience the children's talents.

Grandparents Day

Seeskulpie's children are always very excited about Grandparents Day and they welcome their grandparents to their school. The children dress like Grandpa's and Grandma's and present a concert to entertain their grandparents. The morning is ended with tea and cake, and the children and grandparents having a great time.

Entrepreneurs Day

Seeskulpie's grade R's have their own Entrepreneurs day too. Weeks in advance they design their posters of what they sell on the day. The posters are put up at the school, so that they can advertise their products. On the particular Saturday they sell to anyone interested and several prizes will be awarded to the most beautiful stall and the best boy and girl entrepreneur.

Mr & Miss Seeskulpie

During the Entrepreneurs day all children get the opportunity to participate in the Mr and Miss Seeskulpie. The aim is to equip the children with confidence and to exploit their own personality. Each of the children at Seeskulpie is unique and precious. The participants are always treated to a delicious surprise parcel.

Year-End Concert

Seeskulpie's concerts always receive standing ovations. Literally every child appears on stage during the two nights of the concert, whether it is to sing a song or dance. Our grade R's lead the course of the concert. Even the donkey played a small part in one of our concerts. Come and see how Seeskulpie does it.

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